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I want to define array which i can use in appcontroller and default layout. How to do it in cakephp?

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$this->set('arr', array('one', 'two'));

// Accessible in controller as 

// Accessible in view/layout as
echo $arr;
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from here:

cakephp set function

// First you pass data from the controller:

$this->set('color', 'pink');

// Then, in the view, you can utilize the data:

You have selected <?php echo $color; ?> icing for the cake.

So for your situation:

$arr = array('stuff', 'more stuff');

$this->set('arr', $arr);

// then in the layout
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If you set any variable in AppController beforeRender() function,and set that variable,then you can access easily that variable anywhere in the view files

function beforeRender() {
    $sample_arr = array("abc","xyz");

In your Layout File Just Print that Array like

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