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I've downloaded C/C++ libraries from Cygwin, and set the environment variables according to the instructions here, in NetBeans.

I've also gone through this.

Actually I followed the same steps on a different machine and everything worked out fine. But on my machine the associations aren't made. for example: #include<stdio.h> says No such file or directory.

Any idea what the problem might be?

The Cygwin package I downloaded is also fine, I downloaded it twice.

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If it's complaining about a #include, that's a compile issue, not a linking issue.

What happens if you create a new C/C++ application project and try to build it?

In the Build node of the project properties, is the correct Tool Collection selected? (Cygwin in your case). And the Tools -> Options, on the C/C++ tab, is that tool collection set up correctly?

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You should check whether you have a file c:\cygwin\usr\include\stdio.h.

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