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I'm having a lot of trouble editing my PATH. I've seen instructions to add to the front or to the back of PATH, but I would actually like to change the order of places in my PATH, so I would really just like access to edit it.**

I've been using the terminal so far, because I have no idea how to access PATH otherwise.

When I try ECHO $PATH I get:


However, I can't seem to find any file where all this information is contained.

For one thing, I don't seem to have a .profile in my home directory, or anywhere else. The only file which seems to contain any PATH related information is my ~/.bash_profile but this file only seems to handle the adding of Python and RVM related locations to the PATH.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me understand how to edit PATH/where to access it. Also, should I be concerned that I don't have a .profile? Is that something I should somehow create?

Thank you!

**The reason I'd like to be able to edit PATH rather than just append paths to the start or end, is because Homebrew reccommends that /usr/local/bin come before /usr/bin in the PATH.

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Try also checking /etc/paths there are quite a few places where path can be set/edited but this is usually the global source of the path in 10.8 as far as I've seen

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Thank you. I've indeed found some components of my path there. I take it that /etc/paths is a file, right? It's normal that it's not a directory?.. – ess Mar 3 '13 at 2:06
Yes that is normal – Daniel Williams Mar 4 '13 at 0:34

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