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How do I enable folding on system verilog keywords in Gvim ? For example


I would like Gvim to create a fold from function to endfunction. How do I do that ?

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Here is a custom foldexpression that should do what you want. It starts a fold on the line following each "function", and ends it on the line preceding each "endfunction", and otherwise inherits the foldlevel of the previous line.

function! VimFunctionFoldExpr()
    if getline(v:lnum-1) =~ '^\s*function'
        return '>1'
    elseif getline(v:lnum+1) =~ '^\s*endfunction'
        return '<1'
        return '='

To tell Vim to use this function, set the following:

set foldmethod=expr
set foldexpr=VimFunctionFoldExpr()

You might also want to tweak your foldtext setting so that it respects the intent level. Here is a SE question about how to do that.

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Is there a way I can ask vim to jump across these keywords ? Just like { } ? –  Jean Jul 17 '13 at 20:46

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