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in Toplevel, how to turn on the stack trace for exceptions?

simple question, don't know how to ask more in details.

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I don't think it is possible to get backtraces from the toplevel, unless you have compiled the OCaml compiler with debugging information -g activated (which some distribution or packagers may do, but it's not the case on my Debian at least).

The usual way to get backtraces from a program is to:

  • compile and link its compilation units with option -g
  • run it with the runtime option OCAMLRUNPARAM="b"


% cat a.ml
let f () = raise Exit
let g () = (f (); 1)

% cat b.ml
let h () = A.g () + 1    
let () = print_int (h ()); print_newline ()

% ocamlc -g -c a.ml
File "a.ml", line 2, characters 12-16:
Warning 21: this statement never returns (or has an unsound type.)

% ocamlc -g -c b.ml

% ocamlc -g a.cmo b.cmo -o ab 

% ./ab                       
Fatal error: exception Pervasives.Exit

% OCAMLRUNPARAM="b" ./ab     
Fatal error: exception Pervasives.Exit
Raised at file "a.ml", line 1, characters 17-21
Called from file "a.ml", line 2, characters 12-16
Called from file "b.ml", line 1, characters 11-17
Called from file "b.ml", line 4, characters 19-25

If you want to print the backtrace from the file, in a try..with handler (it is not available before an exception is raised, and only for the last exception raised), use something like:

let h () =
  try A.g () + 1
  with Exit ->
    Printexc.print_backtrace stderr;

For more information, read the documentation of the Printexc module.

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