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The typical clj.bat in most installers isn't compatible with Git Bash (msysGit).

I've tried chocolatey install clojure, but it uses clj.bat, which Git Bash can't run.

I've tried chocolatey install leiningen and the lein "Cygwin-compatible" shell script, but Leiningen fails silently or throws a Java error.

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The easiest way to install leiningen on Windows is just to grab the most recent lein.bat, put it in a folder and put that folder on the PATH. Also download wget.exe and put it in the same or some other folder on the path. Then open a new cmd prompt and type lein, it will self-install from there.

I've tried Chocolately myself and it didn't work. Installing leiningen isn't more complicated than the steps above though.

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Yes, I did that. I get a silent failure for the master lein.bat, and a different error for develop lein.bat. – mcandre Mar 3 '13 at 20:49

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