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Can someone shed light on the difference here:

$(tsdir)/proj has prerequisites $(tsdir)/proja and $(tsdir)/projb. I want proja's and projb's makefile to be called everytime I have to build proja. If proja or projb are out of date and are updated, then their makefile will touch $(tsdir)/proja and $(tsdir)/projb respectively. If those files are then newer than $(tsdir)/proj, then rebuild proj.

I have this working by using the below code and the FORCE target. If I try and switch to use .PHONY targets, this doesn't work. I prefer .PHONY as that is supposedly the more 'correct' way of doing this. But it doesen't work and I don't know why. proja's and projb's makefiles aren't called with .PHONY targets, but proj is rebuilt.

I am using GNU make 3.81.

Thanks Nachum

$(tsdir)/proj: $(tsdir)/proja $(tsdir)/projb

$(tsdir)/%: FORCE  
    make -C $(prereqdir)/$*



$(tsdir)/proj: $(tsdir)/proja $(tsdir)/projb

.PHONY: $(addprefix $(tsdir)/, $(projects))

    make -C $(prereqdir)/$*
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Shouldn't that proj at the end of be in I want proja's and projb's makefile to be called everytime I have to build proja? –  bobbogo Mar 4 '13 at 12:16

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.PHONY targets are supposed to represent tasks, not real files, where implicit rule search works only for files. Thus, there is no way to build a phony target with an implicit rule.

From Phony Targets chapter:

Since it knows that phony targets do not name actual files that could be remade from other files, make skips the implicit rule search for phony targets

In your case I would just use explicit rule, may be with a static pattern:

.PHONY: $(addprefix $(tsdir)/, $(projects))

$(addprefix $(tsdir)/, $(projects)) : $(tsdir)/% :  
    make -C $(prereqdir)/$*
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First, thank you for that explanation. I tried this, and now the problem is that the targets ($(tsdir)/proja,b) are now always considered to be new b/c this target is run. And so the recipe for $(tsdir)/proj is always run. And the actual $(tsdir)/proja,b are not updated, and so I would hope that the recipe for $(tsdir)/proj would not run. –  nachum Mar 3 '13 at 4:54
Are $(tsdir)/proj[a|b] directories or regular files? In the former case using their timestamps is not a good idea, timestamp of a directory may change if for example a file is removed or a new one is created. –  Eldar Abusalimov Mar 3 '13 at 9:51
$(tsdir) is my timestamp directory, and /proj[a|b] are regular files. I do not have dependencies (except order-only ones) on directories, they are always on files. –  nachum Mar 3 '13 at 9:54
Then I would split building into two phases. First, recurse into sub-directories to build subprojects (using phony rules), see how. Second, build top-level artifacts with regular prerequisites on files that were updated in the fist phase. –  Eldar Abusalimov Mar 3 '13 at 11:14

I suspect you can get the result you want by adding a phony dependency to the (real) time-stamp files, one removed from the master project proj.

.PHONY: phony
phony: ; : $@

ts := $(addprefix $(tsdir)/, $(projects))

${ts} : $(tsdir)/%: phony
    make -C $(prereqdir)/$*

$(tsdir)/proj: $(tsdir)/proja $(tsdir)/projb
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