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I'm writing program in C++ (for XAMPP communication) and I want to execute command which I have in strings (I know that this is simply system("command")) but I want to get the output from bash to C++ to string. I've founded several threads about this, but no which solved Bash -> C++.

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You can call the FILE *popen(const char *command, const char *mode) function. Then, you can read the file it returns to get the output of your call.

It's like using a pipe to redirect the output of the command you used to a file in the hard drive and then read the file, but you don't get to create a file in the hard drive.

The documentation of the popen() is here.

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You need to call the popen function, and read the output from the FILE it returns.

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You can try Standard Output Redirection to redirect the standard output to a file stream and then use it to read to a string.


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Indeed, if the C++ program reads stdin then you can issue a cammand like: bash_command | cppProgram | string – Deverill Oct 4 '09 at 19:59

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