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Are there any UML Modeling tools (like Sparx Enterprise Architect) that are able to use a NoSQL backend for storage (like MongoDB, RavenDB, etc)?

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To my knowledge the storage of UML tools is:

  • Enterprise Architect: Microsoft Access Database
  • NoMagic: zipped XML file (XMI)
  • ArgoUML: zipped XML File
  • Rational Rose: ASCII file in petal format
  • Poseidon UML: zipped XML file (XMI)
  • Umbrello: XML file (XMI)

for a more complete list of UML tools see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unified_Modeling_Language_tools

To my knowledge none of the tools has such a NoSQL backend at this time. Some tools start to have RESTful interface which might be a start for a mapping from UML to NoSQL:

Feel free to edit this article to add more details. My own company BITPlan offers conversion services between these Modelling tools and formats and we could happily supply you with a conversion format between XMI and a NoSQL DB if you stick to a subset of UML. Just send me a personal message if you are interested in details.

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Thanks for that information. I know Enterprise Architect can also use a MS SQL Server backend. –  gardnebm Mar 11 '13 at 1:23

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