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I'm trying to learn QtCreator. I recently needed to create a separate executable to do a unit test, and browsing I discovered that the best way to do so is to create a static library (mylib.a) and then include it into other projects. I configure all projects to build into the a single build/ directory, and the lib creates two subfolders: debug/ and release/.

The dialog to "Add library" is broken and does not let me select a .a file, only a .lib file. I tried to manually add LIBS += -L"./" -l"lib.a" into the second project, with no luck (can't find the library).

It would be great if somebody can help me figure out project configuration. I don't really know what's going on.

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I think what you need is a subdirs project in a separate directory. e.g. a directory structure that looks something like:


topLevel then has a .pro file that looks like:

SUBDIRS += myProject
SUBDIRS += myLib

myProject has your current .pro file in its directory, and myLib has it's own .pro file. You may find this page useful.

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