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I have trouble in understanding how do I represent the foreign key after I normalize the table to 3NF.

Lets consider the table this way:


I can able to figure out the FD as follows:

studentid -> studentname
courseid -> coursename
{student,courseid} -> dateofexam,marks
marks -> grade

Now I'm trying to create a new table for FD that has non-ket attributes like this:

marks grade
studentid studentname

Now how do I relate the foreign key for these tables with my old table student? I'm confused on doing this.

Thanks in advance.

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what's the difference between a mark and a grade? –  Neil McGuigan Mar 2 '13 at 19:17

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Your FD actually shows you how:

studentid -> studentname
courseid -> coursename
{student,courseid} -> dateofexam,marks
marks -> grade

Each row would be a separate table. The keys that exists in other tables would be the fk. In this case:

{student,courseid} -> dateofexam,marks

that would be studentid, courseid and marks(which probably must be an id too)

It would be something like this

Student( studentid, studentname)

Course( courseid, coursename)

Exams( examid, fk_studentid, fk_courseid, dateofexam, fk_markid)

Marks( markid, grades)

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There's no need for "marks" to be an id number. ID numbers have nothing to do with normalization. When you're talking about how to normalize a relation, you're generally not allowed to introduce new columns (as you did with "examid" in exams); just use what you start with. For the table you named "Exams", the key would be {studentid, courseid}. –  Mike Sherrill 'Cat Recall' Mar 2 '13 at 17:52

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