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I am doing a drag and drop file uploader using dojo1.3 toolkit, i cant upgrade this to dojo's latest version becose all other works are done with dojo1.3.
My problem is, i want to call a function on every change of a chiled progress bar's progress for updating the parent progress bar's progress.

i seen in dojo1.8 dijit.watch(), this function not available in dojo1.3.

any other method in dojo1.3, im totally stuck, pls help me, becose target time is over, i want to complete this very urgent pls help me,

thanks in advance

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Isn't dijit.watch for debugging purposes? – undefined Mar 4 '13 at 20:42

One option you have is you could just import some files from Dojo 1.8, which provide the required function.
This way you won't have to migrate completely to Dojo 1.8.

But this needs to be done carefully, so that it doesn't affect your previous code.

I have tried this for Dojo TimeStamp dijit and it worked pretty fine for me.

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thank u for ur answer, I import dojo.Stateful for calling watch function, did not work, Can u please tell which files are import. – user2125968 Mar 4 '13 at 7:19

In 1.4 and above (don't know about 1.3) the fileUploader has an onProgress event, which you can override.

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