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I was searching google for a way to size the form and the controls with it and came across something that mentioned Control.scale. How do I use the control.scale method to size everything down to the way I want it.

Also, is there a way I can zoom the form out in the designer. I want to create a 1280X800 form, but my screen is 1024X768. I want to be able to zoom out to see the entire form wile still having it's size be 1280X800.

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You can use tablelayout panel in order to fit your form in all resolutions.similary a property called anchor, which is also need to be assigned for the controls inside tablelayout panel according to your requirement [top,bottom,left,right] to achieve the same.

By the way you have to use percentage for setting the column's width and row's height in that.

Simply, this way of designing is called as fluid designing.

Table layout panel

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@user2125978: Or just use anchors (without TableLayoutPanel) - if your UI is not very complex. – Neolisk Mar 2 '13 at 13:51

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