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I am using the following in openssh/telnet code, which sets the user environment.

setenv("TEST_ENV", "testing", 1);

But this can be modified by the user after login, is there anyway to make it read-only env variable?

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No, I'm not aware of any way of making a process's environment read-only.

You are aware, I trust, that a process can't change its parent's environment, and that a process has complete freedom to set the initial environment of any processes it in turn creates. It might be worth being a little more detailed about what you want to do, or what you want to stop a program being able to do.

Some OSs have fairly elaborate sandboxing support in the kernel (I know OS X has, for example, but it won't be the only one), and these might be able to control access to getenv. But that's obviously platform-specific.

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