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I'm working on android application. here i have to parse data from the webservice. In the webservice the data is coming in this format.

<Details Success="True"/>
<Detail pagelimit="384"/>
<Detail albumid="38569" albumname="Aashiq Faujaan" singername="Surjit Bhullar"     albumcover=""/>
<Detail albumid="38561" albumname="Sochea Vi Naa" singername="Surinderjit Maqsudpuri" albumcover=""/>
<Detail albumid="38555" albumname="Hitmaker – The Story So Far" singername="PBN" albumcover=""/>
<Detail albumid="38545" albumname="Angrezi Desi" singername="Akhil" albumcover=""/>
<Detail albumid="38544" albumname="Dil Vich (Single)" singername="Lucky Sidhu" albumcover=""/>

This is the xml data that i 've to parse.

But here detail have only one attribute like this

<Detail pagelimit="384"/>

and after that Detail tag have 4 attribute like this

<Detail albumid="38569" albumname="Aashiq Faujaan" singername="Surjit Bhullar"     albumcover=""/>

Any solution for this.

Thanks in advance.

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You can try Simple xml framework for parsing your xml, With which you must define

root with @Root(name = "root_element_name", strict = false)


xml elements with property @Element(required = false)

Sp that in the bean object you will get default value of those elements wich are not present at runtime.

See the tutorial for how to use simplexmlframework

Hope that help.Thanks

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