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Can anyone provide any links that show how to draw this type of conditions?

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In addition to what Observer said, use a opt fragment AND a ref fragment inside.

  • The opt fragment to set a piece of your sequence diagram as optional
  • The ref fragment to delegate the content of the opt to another sequence diagram.

This way you have a 1-1 relationship between your use cases and your sequence diagrams, which is usually clearer.

See for example this picture : http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/content/RationalEdge/feb04/3101_figure11.jpg

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As you refer to a sequence diagram, you might be looking for the opt fragment: See an example. (source)

That way you can conditionally include certain calls which are required by your extend use case.

You'll find the opt fragment explained in more detail on the web.

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