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I have a Haskell project that contains almost a dozen C files that I access via FFI. All documentation I've found suggest that in order to use GHCi while developing I have to invoke it with the C object files on the command line. For a single object:

ghci dist/build/csrc/foo.o

or for all of them (since they all live in the same folder):

ghci dist/build/csrc/*.o

Is there no more convenient way of doing this, e.g. using .ghci?

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I've no idea about a ghc-specific way of doing this. Write a short shell script?

Save this in a file called repl in the same directory as your .cabal file:

ghci dist/build/csrc/*.o "$@"

Make it executable by running

chmod a+x repl

Then you can start ghci with all your C object files loaded by running


(These specific instructions assume you are using a Linux/BSD/Mac/Unix, but the same principle works if you are using Windows.)

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Yes, that would be one way, and then I can skip using .ghci altogether since everything I can do in there can be done from the command line and hence in a script. –  Magnus Mar 2 '13 at 14:53

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