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I have a jenkins job configured to run hourly. I want the success build mail to be sent as email only once a day. Email-Ext gives me the option to send emails for all success , failures etc. But what i wanted is the ability to send success email only once.

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Do you want an email to be sent at a specific time every day? And should that mail be sent only if the job is successful or you want the status of the job? –  Shiva Kumar Mar 2 '13 at 11:21
I wanted a email to be sent at specific time every day and only if its successful. –  Rajesh Mar 2 '13 at 21:14
@Rajesh just curious -- how did you configure it to run hourly? Was it using @hourly? –  streetlight May 30 at 14:57
jenkins-ci.361315.n4.nabble.com/… This looks like a solution to me(i haven't tried it though) –  Rajesh Sep 8 at 12:13

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Well, there is no plugin that can do that for you. The default email feature in Jenkins is very simple and it works fine. There is Email-ext plugin though, and this one can do lot more for you.

First of all, with Email-ext, you can configure a specific trigger to send the email notification - it can be on success or failure, which is similar to the default behaviour of Jenkins. But then you have the more refined one, like First failure and Still failing. This will give you a great deal of control on when and to whom (Recipients list, Commiter or Requester) your Jenkins will send an email. In my case a good configuration here will help a lot with email traffic generated by Jenkins. And you can send specific emails in specific situation to specific list of people - great!

The other option, if you really do not need that level of control and want to just to limit the email traffic to one summary per day is to set up a mailing list. Most mailing list engines will let you send a daily digest of all email traffic to the list. It should be enough, although I really do not feel like it is actually a good option on the long term. I would definitely give a try to Email-ext plugin.

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digest email is a good idea but it looks like a workaround to me . Currently i have configured 2 jobs in my jenkins - one that runs every hour and the other one that runs only at a specific time so that it sends only one success email –  Rajesh Mar 2 '13 at 21:17
It always will be a workaround. Let's face it - there is no feature like that. BUT you can write your on plugin to do whatever you want it to do. Still, besides the regular features and the extended email plugin features there is not much you can do out-of-the-box –  Łukasz Rżanek Mar 3 '13 at 0:46

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