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I have a large column, corresponding to variable x which looks like this:



I want to replace this column with the following:


That is, I have numbers of various length and sign and I want to put a dot separator after the first figure. How can I do this?

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It is best to combine string and numerical manipulations

. gen mystr = string(mynum, "%16.0f")
. gen double newnum = real(substr(mystr,1,1) + "." + substr(mystr,2,.)) if mynum >= 0
. replace newnum = -real(substr(mystr,2,1) + "." + substr(mystr,3,.)) if mynum < 0

Here %16.0f is what looks from your example to be a large enough format so that your numbers aren't mangled. It sounds as if you do not have decimal points in your data.

So the idea is just to insert a decimal point after the first numeric character, which is the second character when the first character is a minus sign.

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