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I'm having some problems with my page, I'm using less css and one of atributes css is the line-height is not working so very well. On all browser appears the same mode but on the IE it appears different.

This is the problem: enter image description here

If you take a look. will see that the IE shows the text more higher than the checkbox on IE

I'm using a variable to define the line-height, so I'm wish know if exists some hack or trick to use two values to the same variable (i.e line-height = 20 - if any browser, line-height = 25 - if IE browser, or some way to resolve this issue.

I just want align the checkbox and the text.

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conditional code works. post some code. –  Supplement Mar 2 '13 at 11:26
I suggest taken a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/306252/… –  Fico Mar 2 '13 at 11:46

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You could try

<!--[if IE]> <style> </style> <![endif]-->

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