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    function some ($html, $name) {
        return $html;

    $outer_html = "<div>".$name."</div>";

    echo some($outer_html, "Jon");

I understood that I obtain Notice: Undefined variable: name in

But how set function parameter, which itself contain other parameter(s) ?

I want make this because, I need generate $outer_html out of function and after set this prepared html code to function.

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Google for PHP templating, and read a bit about functions in PHP; but as you're not defining $name until after you've already used it, it doesn't exist when you set $outer_html.... even PHP can't predict the future – Mark Baker Mar 2 '13 at 12:07
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Why not use sprintf()?

function some ($html, $name) {
    return sprintf($html, $name); 

echo some("<div>%s</div>", "Jon");


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You need to use the global keyword. Doc here.

You'll have :

function yourFunction() {
    global $yourVar;

    // ...

// $yourVar keep its value from yourFunction
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