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I have the following, & im using it to log in and do a query, so I get through db.authenticate, but when I do my query I get thrown:

MongoError: unauthorized data lock type:0 client:] name: 'MongoError' }

As ridiculous as the code block below may seem with all the nesting, i guess thats javascript's only flaw., db) {     
    if(!err) {
    db.authenticate("admin", "1234", function(authdb, err) {

            if(!err) { //YAY I LOG IN!!!

              db.collection('data', function(err, collection) {
                collection.findOne({'id':'1'}, function(err, item) {
                    if(err) { //What?!? I AM logged in

              }  );
            }  );
        }  ); //Sad face

How comes I can authenticate but I can't run the findOne query? If I try the same with the same user in the mongo shell it goes through.

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In the code above your db is called data and your collection is also called data? How exactly do you perform authentication and the same find in mongo shell? – Asya Kamsky Mar 2 '13 at 12:48
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Try swapping authdb and err:

db.authenticate("admin", "1234", function(authdb, err) { ... });
db.authenticate("admin", "1234", function(err, authdb) { ... });
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Thank you! That did it, I decided to move to MongoConnect though, it seems to be far easier – Akshat Mar 2 '13 at 13:20

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