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I'm trying to return a result list from my cypher query using the .net neo4j client and getting a "Does not contain a definition for ToList()" error. Am I doing this incorrectly?

public async ICollection<App> getWishList(string uname)

    var query = client.Cypher.StartWithNodeIndexLookup("root", AUTOINDEX, PRIMARYINDEX, uname)

    var results = await query.ResultsAsync;
    return results.ToList<App>();

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Ok, it was a simple answer.

I need to set the return type to just "App" instead of "ICollection" since the query already returns a collection.

var query = client.Cypher.StartWithNodeIndexLookup("root", AUTOINDEX, PrimaryIndexKey, uname)

        var results = await query.ResultsAsync;
        return results.ToList();
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It might be clearer if you used "app" instead of "apps" in your MATCH clause there. Your match describes a single app node. You then have multiple matches. The return call says 'give me that "app" node, pushed into a .NET "App" type, for each result in the set'. –  Tatham Oddie Mar 26 '13 at 7:08

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