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I have two tables relevant for this matter, posts and postratings. The models have the following relationship:

Post hasmany Postrating
Postrating belongsto Post

The table schemas are:

table posts
id | user_id | post | rating_post | ratings

table ratings
id | user_id | post_id | rating_post

The idea is, that if a post exists, the user can rate it. By rating the table ratings gets a new entry and the table posts gets an update on the post entry with the id post_id.

My problem is, that I can only save new entries in both tables. I have tried it with saveAssociated(), but the result is the same as if I would use saveAll().

I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Of course I will, if necessary, provide further information.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: //

Here is the method add of the PostratingsController

public function add($id = null) {


if (!$this->Post->exists($id)) {
    throw new NotFoundException(__('Invalid post'));
if ($this->request->is('post')) {
    if ($this->Postrating->save($this->request->data)) {
        if ($this->Postrating->save($this->request->data)) {
            $this->Postrating->Post->id = $id;
            $this->Session->setFlash(__('The postrating has been saved'));
            $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));
    } else {
        $this->Session->setFlash(__('The postrating could not be saved.'));
} else {
    $options = array('conditions' => array('Post.' . $this->Post->primaryKey => $id));
    $this->request->data = $this->Post->find('first', $options);

$post = $this->Postrating->Post->find('list');
$users = $this->Postrating->User->find('list');
$this->set(compact('posts', 'users'));

$options = array('conditions' => array('Post.' . $this->Post->primaryKey => $id));
$this->set('posts', $this->Post->find('first', $options));


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what's rating_post and ratings? – Ross Mar 2 '13 at 13:05
Does the form contain the 'id' of the post? Also, as you're not updating the post itself, you'll only have to update/insert data in the ratings table/model – thaJeztah Mar 2 '13 at 13:05
'rating_post' is the sum of all ratings. 'ratings' is the number of ratings @thaJeztah Yes, I grab the ID of the post via postratings/view/id. I want to update the table posts in the fields rating_post and ratings, so I can list the best rated posts. So it is nessecary to also update the posts table – John Doe Mar 2 '13 at 13:13
But those fields are not entered by the user and not part of the form-data. Have a look at the answer of @Ross because that's the way it should be done. The user posting a rating should not be directly able to edit data in the Post _itself_, only post a Rating. Your application logic should subsequently update the calculated total ratings – thaJeztah Mar 2 '13 at 13:18
@thaJeztah The fields for the Posts are hidden from the user. They are filled with the values of the post entry in the posts table. – John Doe Mar 2 '13 at 14:00

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Are you sure mean simultaneous? Assuming your rating is a number (e.g. between 1 and 5) and you want to store the "total" rating in your post table. I'd do something like (pseudo code)

if($this->Rating->saveRating($user_id, $post_id, $rating)) {
    $this->Rating->Post->id = $post_id; // update instead of insert


  • User Rates Post with a rating of 5
  • Check if user has already rated this post
  • Save the Rating
  • Update the Post table with the new rating (existing_rating + new_rating)
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I have posted the add method. It is still the same. In This case the postrating would be saved but the post is not updated. – John Doe Mar 2 '13 at 13:58
the above is one of the correct ways to do this. You can't just past $this->request->data to save() with no regard for what's happening - the data must be in the correct format with the correct keys. Post a dump of $this->request->data. – Ross Mar 2 '13 at 14:08

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