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I've got a local MP4 video running in UIWebView in full screen mode as usual, but recently it causes this absurd behavior: almost all the ViewControllers, TableViewControllers (XIB files) are being added again – doubled. I believe it started happening since iOS6.

ANY clue would be helpful.

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Didn't know that since iOS6 closing full screen video (embedded in HTML file launched in UIWebView in my case) causes execution of viewWillAppear in all views – there all my mess happened, so this problem solved.

Meanwhile I've detected another strange behavior: requesting a movie file directly in UIWebView (not nested in HTML file like i did before) and closing it from full screen causes UIWebView to load previous file (like goBack function). Bug?

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so how did you solve the problem exactly? I have the same issue, that viewWillAppear is called again. –  morksinaanab Jun 2 '13 at 6:40
simply by removing any actions from viewWillAppear, but if you really need something there, you've got to give some kind of `if (movie is not played) {your actions}'. sorry, didn't notice your question earlier. –  Twig Oct 29 '13 at 20:31

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