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I'm wandering how does gitHub restrict repo access only by using sshKey. Everybody is connecting using 'git' user... but the access is restricted only to YOUR repository.

So how is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

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GitHub is exploiting a feature of OpenSSH. See the section "AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE FORMAT" in the sshd(8) man page. It says that each line in the authorized_keys file consists of the following:

<options> <keytype> <base64-encoded key> <comment>

One of the supported options is command:

  • command="command" Specifies that the command is executed whenever this key is used for authentication. The command supplied by the user (if any) is ignored.

Thus, GitHub can do stuff like this in their ~git/.ssh/authorized_keys file:

command="foo -u user1" <user1's key stuff here>
command="foo -u user2" <user2's key stuff here>

Now whenever user1 logs in, the server runs foo -u user1. Thus, the foo script knows that user1 logged in, not some other user.

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