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I am using a game making engine. It uses angelscript as its coding language. One thing this engine did not have is the ability to call functions from an external DLL. Now it does. I would like to create a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in my game. The application currently does not natively support the creation of GUIs, but I believe this could be acomplished through use of a DLL. My question is, does anybody know of such a dll? a dll which you can call functions from, and these functions create editboxes, buttons, statictext and others? Unfortunately, the DLL import of this engine has 2 limitations. No callback functions or c style structures, thus, CreateWindowX does not work. Is there a dll for creating GUIs which fulfills this engine's simi-strict criteria? ------------------- Hello, I couldn't get the add comment thing to work so I am responding as an edit. Yes, you are basically right. Angelscript doesn't natively support dll calls, but the game engine I am using which uses angelscript now has that capability. As for event retreaval, I thought the DLL could return different things depending on what the user hit. Like, 1 if button was pressed, 0 if not, 1 if checkbox is checked, 0 if not. a string of data in an editbox.

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You can only program in angelscript, and now you can call dll functions from the angelscript. But the angelscript can not create GUI. Now you wanna use a dll to do the GUI, am I right? – Min Lin Mar 2 '13 at 14:01
One more thing, if no callback functions, how do you plan to send you events from the GUI back to the engine? – Min Lin Mar 2 '13 at 14:06

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