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There's an issue I am trying to get through. I have made use of the "tomcat-apr" library in my JAVA program. The build-path for the library is properly configured and class files in this apr project are detectable by the java classes that I have used.

Situation :

Now when I try to compile that .java file that uses this apr library generates an exception named :

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.apache.tomcat.jni.Time.now()J at org.apache.tomcat.jni.Time.now(Native Method) at com.nxLog.NxLog_t.nxlog_init(NxLog_t.java:88) at com.mainws.MainWs.main(MainWs.java:35)

Now when I click on the at "native method"

org.apache.tomcat.jni.Time.now(Native Method)

It shows me that the JAR file tomcat-apr-5.5.23.jar has no source attachment. I don't understand when I have the jar file properly build to my project, why this error persists(Expecting this to be a problem related to the jar file configuration...)

Help would be appreciated!!!!

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There are two problems; you're a missing a dependency to a library, causing the UnsatisfiedLinkError. Do you have a dll or .so included in the library? The missing source attachment can be resolved in your IDE by specifying, for your jar dependency, the path to the source (either a zip, jar or folder) associated to your tomcat-apr jar. –  Houf Mar 2 '13 at 14:18
I have already done that. For a particular class in the apr-library, I have attached the source-attachment through add-source button selecting the "External- file" for the path location. But still the problem persists. –  CodeKaro Mar 2 '13 at 14:27

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