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I am looking at node-xmpp and node-simple-xmpp and I am trying to make a simple client.
Everything works fine, except the disconnect.

I have made the following file after the example of simple-xmpp:

var xmpp = require('simple-xmpp');

xmpp.on('online', function() {
    console.log('Yes, I\'m connected!');
    xmpp.send('', 'Hello test');

xmpp.connect({jid: '', password: 'test', reconnect: 'false'}); 

But I don't know how to disconnect. I tried to send a stanza with unavailable type:

stanza = new xmpp.Element('presence', {from: '', type: 'unavailable'});
delete xmpp;

This is causing the client to go temporarily offline, but the problem is, it reconnects after a few seconds and keeps sending 'presence' stanza.

I have also tried calling xmpp.conn.end(), which also disconnects but it gives an error afterwards:

    if (!this.socket.writable) {
TypeError: Cannot read property 'writable' of undefined

So, what am I doing wrong? I am sure there is an easy way to disconnect.

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In the first case, <presence type='unavailable'/> does not always actually disconnect you; in your server, it looks like it might be, but your client is auto-reconnecting. delete xmpp is not actually causing your object to be cleaned up, it's just removing it from the local namespace.

In the second case send() isn't writing your stanza to the underlying socket immediately. If you close the socket with end() right afterwards, the socket is closed when the write actually happens.

If you add a short timeout after you call send(), before calling end() it will work. To make it good, you'll want your library developers to give you a callback when send() has actually written to the socket.

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Thank you for you answer, it worked even with a setTimeout(function(){ xmpp.conn.end() }, 1); –  mutil Mar 5 '13 at 0:45

You should also check this out

In short if client is using to open connection it should use to kill that same connection.

To be more precise:

<close xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-framing" />

Solution of "Joe Hildebrand" also solved my problem, but this seemed more proper way for me.

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please provide a full answer to the question, not just the link ad the link might be out of date. –  slfan May 27 at 9:28
Sorry, i did not put part of code in "code tags" so it was not visible so I actually provided full answer, but in non friendly way for browser :D Edited ;) –  Mihajlo Supic May 27 at 13:01

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