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I am developing a web app with Django and i have this ajax where i'm refreshing some images from the db in order to display them in a template.

function refreshUploadedImages() {
    var inputs = ['Designer Name', 'Color', 'Fabric', 'Type', 'Tag', 'Subtag'];
    $.getJSON('/admin/image-uploader/images', function(data) {
        for (uiid in data) {
            ui = data[uiid];

            var div = $('<div>');
            div.data('id', ui.id);
            // image
            var image = new Image();
            image.src = ui.url
            image.width = 180;
            // list
            var ul = $('<ul>')
            // inputs
            for (input in inputs) {
                    $('<span>').append(document.createTextNode(inputs[input] + ':'))
            div.append('<li><input type="button" class="delete-img-btn" id = <<ui.id>> img-id=image.id value="Delete"/></li>'); 

        $('.delete-img-btn').live('click', function() {

            //asign the image id from the button attribute 'img-id'
            var id= $(this).attr('img-id');
            //The data to be send via ajax the server will recieve 2 POST variables ie. 'action' and 'id'(which is the img id)
            var data={
            'pk' : id,

            //The ajax request.
            vary = $('.delete-img-btn').attr('id');
            $.post("/admin/image-uploader/delete/"+vary , data);


My problem is, in this line

div.append('<li><input type="button" class="delete-img-btn" id = <<ui.id>> img-id=<<<image.id>>> value="Delete"/></li>');

I want to assign id a variable ui.id i.e (id = <<ui.id>> ) which is defined somewhere outside the div.append. Can you help me on how to do it please.

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:/ Please try to format your code! It is barely readable. –  artworkad シ Mar 2 '13 at 14:38

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Is this all you're trying to do?

   '<li><input type="button" class="delete-img-btn" id="'
      + ui.id + '" img-id="'
      + image.id + '" value="Delete"/></li>'); 

image.id isn't defined though.

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+1 for clearly identifying my problem. Thanks a lot. –  Alexxio Mar 2 '13 at 14:59

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