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I am trying to write a query in Grails to return a set of results from a domain class, but within those return the relevant results of a separate class whom have the parentId of the main class.

    def query = Cars.where {
        (colour == 'red') 

And then within each list item include the set of parts relating to that CAR ID (as an example of what I'm trying to achieve, I know the code is incorrect though....

          this car. add(Parts.whereCarID{it.id})
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Use a criteria query –  Rick Mangi Mar 2 '13 at 19:50

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If you define your domain model properly, you should get it without a criteria involved. As far as I understand you need to add static hasMany = [parts: Parts] in your Cars domain class, and static belongsTo = [car:Cars] in your Parts class.

So for example, here how it might look:

class Cars {
    string colour
    static hasMany = [parts:Parts]
    // ... rest of your properties 

class Parts {
    static belongsTo = [car:Cars]
    // ... rest of your properties 

And to get your result just do this:

def cars = Cars.findAllByColour('red')

Then you can do:

cars.each { car->
    println car.parts // <-- all the parts for each car is here

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