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I want to make a Kendo TreeView that shows all nodes on first load. I'm using the Kendo 'Binding to remote data' sample but it doesn't work correctly. It shows just the first level and the id passed to the controller action is always null. Please help me.

View code :

    .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
    .Read(read => read.Action("Employees", "Follow").Data("addData"))))

 function addData(data) {
    return { id: data.id };

Controller code : (controller Follow)

public System.Web.Mvc.JsonResult Employees(int? id)
    System.Collections.Generic.List<FollowType> List =
        new System.Collections.Generic.List<FollowType>();

    if (id.HasValue == true) {
        List = FollowTypeList.FindAll(current => current.ParentId == id);
    } else {
        List = FollowTypeList.FindAll(current => current.ParentId == null);

    System.Collections.Generic.List<Kendo.Mvc.UI.TreeViewItemModel> NodeList =
        new System.Collections.Generic.List<Kendo.Mvc.UI.TreeViewItemModel>();

    foreach (CommonData.Domain.FollowType item in List)
        NodeList.Add(new Kendo.Mvc.UI.TreeViewItemModel() { 
            Id = item.Id.ToString(), 
            Text = item.Title, 
            HasChildren = FollowTypeList.Exists(c => c.Id == item.ParentId) 

    return Json(NodeList, System.Web.Mvc.JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
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I guess that in your javascript code, the id field of data should be Id (be careful to the capitalization) :

return { id : data.Id };
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