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I am using the Utils Plugin for CakePHP on this link - https://github.com/CakeDC/utils. However the problem that i am having right now is that when i upload the csv its counting the correct number of records from my csv using setFlash e.g (Successfully imported 3 records from test.csv), but doesnt insert any records into the database. Does anyone have any idea on what might be causing this. I didnt change anything from the link provided.

These are the steps that i have taken so far. In my Appmodel i have added the code below

public $actsAs = array(
    'Utils.CsvImport' => array(
        'delimiter'  => ','

Created a share View called Common in app/View/Common and add the shared import.ctp view, code below

<h3>Import <?php echo Inflector::pluralize($modelClass);?> from CSV data file</h3>
echo $this->Form->create($modelClass, array('action' => 'import', 'type' => 'file') );
echo $this->Form->input('CsvFile', array('label'=>'','type'=>'file') );
echo $this->Form->end('Submit');

Here is my import action to AppController

* CSV Import functionality for all controllers
function import() {
    $modelClass = $this->modelClass;
    if ( $this->request->is('POST') ) {
        $records_count = $this->$modelClass->find( 'count' );
        try {
            $this->$modelClass->importCSV( $this->request->data[$modelClass]['CsvFile']['tmp_name']  );
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            $import_errors = $this->$modelClass->getImportErrors();
            $this->set( 'import_errors', $import_errors );
            $this->Session->setFlash( __('Error Importing') . ' ' . $this->request->data[$modelClass]['CsvFile']['name'] . ', ' . __('column name mismatch.')  );
            $this->redirect( array('action'=>'import') );

        $new_records_count = $this->$modelClass->find( 'count' ) - $records_count;
        $this->Session->setFlash(__('Successfully imported') . ' ' . $new_records_count .  ' records from ' . $this->request->data[$modelClass]['CsvFile']['name'] );
        $this->redirect( array('action'=>'index') );
    $this->set('modelClass', $modelClass );
} //end import()

To upload the documents im point my app to the controller action e.g localhost/test/employees/import

Thanks in advance

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I visited the link and nothing is inserted in my database as well? What browser did you use to visit the link? Ok, now serious: without knowing what your actually doing and any insight in your code (the plugin by itself does nothing, you're using functionality of the plugin in your code) nobody will be able to answer your question. There may be a validation-rule in your model that is blocking the save or just a typo in your controller. –  thaJeztah Mar 2 '13 at 15:43
@thaJeztah i have edited my question, hope its more clear now. –  Victor M Mar 3 '13 at 5:09
Thank you, now it's clear what you're trying to do and puts the question in context. Did you also enable debug and checked the SQL? Did a 'rolllback' occur? Or does it give errors? –  thaJeztah Mar 3 '13 at 9:44

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