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I'm using the Telerik Datagrid control to display 100's of records. In my app the user selects a they want to edit and I use a form to allow the user to update the record. Likewise, if they wish to add a new record they click 'Add' and a blank version of the form appears.

I'm not binding direct to a data source. I'm providing the data to the grid by setting the Itemsource to my List of records.

When the user has edited a record I can scroll and select the edited record quite easily:

            //find row index of selected item
            var lastRowUpdated = RadGridAssetTable.Items.IndexOf(this.RadGridAssetTable.SelectedItem);

            // move to index following edit
            RadGridAssetTable.SelectedItem = lastRowUpdated; 

However, when I add a new record I cannot figure out how to programmatically scroll and select the newly added grid item.

Effectively I want to search the grid rows for the (hidden) record ID, select the row index in the control and scroll to it

There doesn't appear to be a way of searching data in the grid programmatically, can someone point in the correct direction on how to do this?


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Ok, so I solved like this.

 var lastRowUpdated = 0;
        var i = 0;

        if (_assetsavedData.AssetId == -1)
            foreach (var rowItem in from object row in RadGridAssetTable.Items select row as AssetLinked)

                if (rowItem.AssetItems.AssetCommonName.Equals(_assetsavedData.AssetCommonName))
                    lastRowUpdated = i;
                    Debug.WriteLine("found at " + i);

            lastRowUpdated = RadGridAssetTable.Items.IndexOf(this.RadGridAssetTable.SelectedItem);
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