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I have a simple program:

PROGRAM concatenate



char='hello there'

WRITE(*,*) char

WRITE(*,*) name

charname = char // ', ' // name

WRITE(*,*) charname


Let's say that I didn't want to specify the length of the variable charname in advance, so that its length is automatically determined by the length of char and name. Can I do that in Fortran?


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Yes, you could declare charname like this:

character(len=:), allocatable :: charname

and the compiler/run-time will take care of making charname the right length when you assign a value to it

charname = char//','//name

You can even automatically re-allocate it with another statement such as

charname = char//', Mr'//name

This all depends on your compiler having implemented these features of Fortran 2003 but all the latest versions of the widely used compilers have.

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Cheers Mark, very helpful. So is this character allocatable feature part of the F2003 standard, or can it also be used in F90/95? –  user1654183 Mar 2 '13 at 22:12
It's new in f2003 –  Ian Bush Mar 4 '13 at 10:22

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