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I am working with logback for the first time with Jetty. I have everything working but I do have one annoying thing that I can't figure out. Once Jetty starts, I begin to get a log file filled with these:

2013-03-02 11:19:23.933:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\contexts]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:24.646:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Users\willie\AppData\Local\Temp\context5868271910991031759deploy]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:24.938:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\webapps]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:24.943:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\contexts]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:25.655:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Users\willie\AppData\Local\Temp\context5868271910991031759deploy]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:25.948:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\webapps]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:25.952:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\contexts]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:26.665:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Users\willie\AppData\Local\Temp\context5868271910991031759deploy]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:26.958:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\webapps]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:26.963:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\contexts]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:27.675:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Users\willie\AppData\Local\Temp\context5868271910991031759deploy]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:27.968:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\webapps]: {}
2013-03-02 11:19:27.973:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned [C:\Code\jetty-8\contexts]: {}

The syntax for the filtering in logback is a little on the cryptic side and I can't figure out how to tell logback to ignore these scan events. I have tried the obvious

<filter class="oeju.Scanner" />

but it doesn't work. Can anyone out there give me a little help with this?

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The log format you are seeing is not logback

2013-03-02 11:19:26.665:DBUG:oeju.Scanner:scanned ....

that is the log format that Jetty's own internal StdErrLog produces. So filtering it out with logback will not work (yet).

How to make logback work in Jetty

First, make sure you have the slf4j-api, and logback jars present in your server classpath.

Easiest way to accomplish this is to put them in ${jetty.home}/lib/ext/ and verify that they are present with a quick check on the command line.

$ java -jar start.jar --version

That will show you what the server classpath will have in it.

Now start jetty. The slf4j-api classes should be detected and the internal logging switches over from StdErrLog to Slf4jLog.

At this point you just have to configure logback. Usually with a ${jetty.home}/resources/logback.xml file. (See logback documentation for details)

The meaning of oeju.Scanner

As for the oeju.Scanner part, that is an abbreviated fully qualified classname that StdErrLog produces for the named logger org.eclipse.jetty.util.Scanner. See how it only uses the first letter of each package namespace segment to form the oeju?

How to filter Scanner events in logback

In your logback.xml use the following, in place of what your question had, to set the logging level to INFO for that specific class.

<logger name="org.eclipse.jetty.util.Scanner" level="info" />
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I tried exactly what you said. Jetty switched to using logback just as you said, its still not accepting the filter. I will play with it a bit more and let you know. thanks. –  scphantm Mar 3 '13 at 7:45
WOOHOO!!!! The tag is not filter, its this <logger name="org.eclipse.jetty.util.Scanner" level="info" /> –  scphantm Mar 3 '13 at 8:19
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