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I am trying to edit the corflags file so that I can run 32bit applications on a 64 bit pc but everytime I try to edit the file using something like corflags.exe assembly /32bit+ it comes up with the error message cf001 could not open file for writing.

Now I have tried a lot of different options such as:

  • Running in administrator mode;
  • Finding the file using a search and checking read only is not ticked
  • Checking that user full control is ticked
  • Tried to set the whole folder to non read only

When trying the whole folder, it goes through looking like it has set read-only, but then I click OK and re-right click on the whole folder, the box is filled in (not ticked) does this mean that part of the folder is read only and why does it reset to read only?

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I just faced the same problem tried the same things you did, what worked was:

Running cornflags from an elevated ("Run as administrator") Visual Studio Command Prompt. I also did it for a copy of the original .exe just to guarantee no other process was using the program.

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