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I have a few strings in an array that are of this pattern:

Bbbbb (Ccccc)
Fffff (Ggggg)

and I want to make a new array that looks like this:


I am able to match the pattern that has the parentheses with the following Perl regex:

$string =~ /(.*?)(\(.*?\))/;
push(@newarray, $1);

But that will not work for those strings without the text in the parantheses. I have tried a few others to match the optional parantheses, but none seem to work:

$string =~ /(.*?)(?:\(.*?\))/;
$string =~ /(.*?)(\(.*?\))?/;
$string =~ /(.*?)(?:\(.*?\))?/;

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

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The pattern you are looking for is:

/^(.*?)(?: \(.*\))?\z/

Your last two would work if you added \z. The problem is that .*? is happily matching zero characters.


my @b = @a;
s/ \(.*\)// for @b;


use List::MoreUtils qw( apply );
my @b = apply { s/ \(.*\)// } @a;

or (5.14+)

my @b = map s/ \(.*\)//r, @a;
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If there are never any spaces in the initial string then you can write just

my @newarray = map /^(\S+)/, @array;

If it may contain spaces, then

my @newarray = map /^([^(]*[^\s(])/, @array;
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