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I have QGIS installed from the OSGeo4W package, which also includes Python 2.7 and a lot of spatial libraries for Python.

I have the following environment variables set in Windows 7:

Path = [...];C:\OSGeo4W\bin

PYTHONPATH = C:\OSGeo4W\apps\python27\lib;

When executing C:\OSGeo4W\bin\python.exe or just python (as it gets correctly resolved) from the W7 CLI, I can import stuff such as import pyspatialite without problems, so I assume PYTHONPATH was correctly set.

When trying to add the Python Interpreter in PyDev though, I get the following error:

Error getting info on interpreter: See error log for details.
No output was in the standard output when trying to create the interpreter info.
The error output contains:>>ImportError: No module named site<<

It's as if PyDev does not recognize PYTHONPATH. Also, under the "Libraries"-Tab, I do not see any entries (this again hints at PyDev not recognizing PYTHONPATH).

I've already restarted Eclipse, without success.

UPDATE: Restarting the whole system worked. Gosh, we still live in the 90es.

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Restarting the whole W7 system helped. It's still like back in the Windows XP times..

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