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Can i set a function when creating an object like i can with variables?

Given i have a container class and a CustomButton class:

function doSomething():Void{}

var button:CustomButton = CustomButton{
   posX : 50;
   posY = 100;
   onMouseClicked: doSomething;


Short story: i need the main container object to handle mouse events that occurs in objects placed in the containers.

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The easiest change for you is to change:

function doSomething():Void{}


function doSomething(e:MouseEvent):Void{}

The action property is nice but I'm sure you want some custom rollover effect or something using onMouseEntered etc.

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A combination of these things worked out. I did try out sending the MouseEvent as a parameter, but that didn't work and i couldn't find any documentation on the syntax of passing functions. var towerButton: GenericButton = GenericButton{ onMouseClicked: doSomething } This will correctly call doSomething(e:MouseEvent). –  Vargen Oct 7 '09 at 10:16
Oh you want to pass a function to another? function doSomething(function(MouseEvent):otherfunc):Void { ... } –  Eric Wendelin Oct 7 '09 at 15:26

If I've understood your requirement correctly, I think it can be achieved with some syntax changes. Obviously you can extend Button if you need a custom version:

function doSomething():Void{

var button:Button = Button{
    text: "Click Me"
    translateX: 50;
    translateY: 100;
    action: doSomething
Stage {
    title : "ButtonTest"
    scene: Scene {
        width: 200
        height: 200
        content: [ button ]
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