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I just downloaded arian/Mootool and checked out the 1.5amd branch. I've set up a simple project and required the Element module. For some reason it is showing up in the dom but undefined in the source.

define(function(require) {

    domReady = require('require/domReady');
    Element = require('mootools/Element/Element');

    domReady(function() {
        console.log Element // undefined


Any ideas how or why that could happen?

It might be helpful to know that I'm using RequireJS 2.1.4


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first off, I think Arian's mootools-amd was an experiment that was kind of abandoned and should not actually be used. mootools 2 (aka Prime) is written in CommonJS and can be converted to AMD wraps with wrapup.

second, you need to require stuff before your outer function runs, else - there is no guarantee Element will be resolved by the time you reference it.


'], function(domReady, Element){
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Hmm. I did not know the Arian's amd was abandoned. I guess I'll move on. –  Pardoner Mar 4 '13 at 22:44

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