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I want to delete all columns which have more than some specific number of NaN (Let's say 5 NaNs). Is there any way to do it without loops?

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what have you tried? –  CJ. Mar 2 '13 at 18:48

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No loop needed:

matFixed = MAT( :, sum( isnan( MAT ) ) <= 5);

Step by step:

nanMat = isnan(MAT); % convert MAT to logical with 1 indicating value is a NAN
nNanInCol = sum(nanMat); %compute the number of NANs in each col
colIdx = nNanInCol <= 5; % determine which columns are "valid"
matFixed = MAT(:, colIdx); % create new matrix using only the good columns of MAT
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Should be <= 5. –  Jeffrey Sax Mar 2 '13 at 19:37
@JeffreySax thanks –  slayton Mar 2 '13 at 20:12
You're welcome. Also, in step 3, the logical expression for colIdx is true for the columns that are "good" so your description may be a bit confusing. –  Jeffrey Sax Mar 3 '13 at 2:31

It's very easy:

%# define a matrix with NaNs
A = rand(10); %# 10x10 array
A(A<0.5) = NaN; %# each column contains on average 5 NaNs

%# count NaNs
nanCt = sum(isnan(A),1);

%# remove columns with too many NaNs
A(:,nanCt > 5) = [];
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