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I'm following this tutorial and have read these issues but am still getting stuck configuring my purchased ssl certificate correctly. I'm getting hung up after running the command from step 5 in the tutorial referenced above and getting a

!    App not found

error form heroku. Here is a list of domains I have setup within heroku (as an aside when I run heroku domains getting a no resource error as well..).

And all of my cnames records with dnsimple are as follows. points to points to points to

I have added the heroku ssl add on, my app name in heroku GUI is mydomain, and have followed steps 1-4 in the tutorial above I believe I have the ssl end correctly configured. I'm not sure what I am missing here to get the above error?

Thanks for your attention on this.

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For those in similar situation here was the issue-

After reading this post I updated my .git file with the new name I had given the app. Which is why I was receiving the strange no resource found error above.

After this I just followed heroku documentation starting from here thus deviating from the blog tutorial I referenced above, and everything seems to be configured correctly.

If you're going through the same process RapidSSL, heroku, DNSimple. I highly recommend following the blog tutorial referenced above and picking up on the heroku documentation linked here if you're interested in getting it up and running quickly.

I hope this helps save some time for someone in the future.

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