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I have the following code and I need to know what does self.session = self.connect() mean?

import optparse
import pxssh

class Client:
  def __init__(self, host, user, password): =host
     self.user =user
     self.password =password
     self.session =self.connect()

  def connect(self):
         s =pxssh.pxssh()
         s.login(, self.user, self.password)
         return s
     except Exception, e:
         print e
         print '[-] Error Connecting'

Thanks for your help .

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Read the documentation for the modules you're using. (In this case pxssh) – millimoose Mar 2 '13 at 19:43
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what does " self.session =self.connect() " mean

It calls the object's connect() method, and assigns the result to the object's session data member.

If you examine the connect() method, you'll see that it establishes and returns an ssh connection (or None if the connection cannot be established).

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