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I have two arrays, and I am trying to copy the array values from one to the other, but not all of them. Here is the code that I have. I am getting an error on the line with finalplace[y] = place[y];. I have another array called place, which is the longer array. I do not want to make an exact copy of the place array. I just want to get the first array values where their placement is less than count. Any ideas?

int [] finalplace = new int [count];
for (int y = 0; y <= count; y = y + 1) {
    finalplace[y] = place[y];
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The indices of your new array range up to, but not including, count. So you should do the same with your for loop.

Note that System.arraycopy will let you copy part of an array.

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Use the utility class


there are a bunch of copy methods. For instance copyOf or copyOfRange

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You can try using System.arraycopy()

int[] a = new int[]{1,2,3,4,5};
int[] b = new int[5];

System.arraycopy( a, 0, b, 0, a.length );
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Use Arrays.copyOf method instead of taking burden of copying each element.

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