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I have a script in Python which i get 3 arguments from the user
One of the arguments is a folder path in which there are some files i need to use
Since my program is designed for all OS, i would like to know how to use the path from the argument correctly to get to my required files
I.E. if i get the following path :


i would like to be able to get 1.exe in this folder,
In windows it will be slash or backslash but in unix systems it will be probably different,
As i understand there is a const or defined var from 'os' module in which i can use as this subdir sign, where can i find it ?

Thank you

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Just use os.path.join and Python will take care of the slash for you:

path = os.path.join(sys.argv[1], '1.exe')

The platform-specific path separator is stored as os.sep.

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Thank you very much! –  SagiLow Mar 2 '13 at 20:59

Use os.path.join(). For example:

os.path.join(dirname, "1.exe")
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