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For some reason when I uploaded my app engine project yesterday (before this, everything worked fine), it can't find one of my .py files/modules. My directory is as follows:

      other stuff
  All other .py files/modules

For some reason I now get the following error:

import_string() failed for 'games.GetMyGames'. Possible reasons are:

- missing __init__.py in a package;
- package or module path not included in sys.path;
- duplicated package or module name taking precedence in sys.path;
- missing module, class, function or variable;

Original exception:

ImportError: cannot import name GameModel
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I realized I had a circular import:

in File1.py

from File2 import class1

and in File2.py

from File1 import class3

I changed to: in File1.py

import File2

and in File2.py

import File1

and I moved all of my class imports from File1 and File2 further down the files and this solved my issue. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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Yes.. circular imports are evil and usually the error message are not going to tell you that :) –  Lipis Mar 4 '13 at 10:39
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