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I have a building floor plan and I need to specify its position on top of google map.

I like the way this is done in Google Floor Plans app - screenshot(the right part with map) - but I cannot figure out how they made it! :)

What part in Google Maps API I should look at?

In short - I have an image (plan of floor), and need to show it on top of Google Map and be able to manipulate with it (changing dimensions on events).

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I'm thinking you'll want to implement a custom overlay. That link provides the relevant instructions for doing so. Also, Google provides a simple example so you can see the result here. Is that sort of what you're going for?

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@Cianan Sims: Well, sure, I want custom overlay, but how is the question :-)

Fortunately, Google published tool called Overlay Tiler, which does exactly what I wanted - georeferencing of the image.

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