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an odd problem. Hard to describe in few words, but i'll try. (am JavaScript beginner).

when mouse hovers over a .u tag, i want it to do something. So i have:

var dotUElements = document.getElementsByClassName("u");

for (var ii = 0; ii < dotUElements.length; ii++) {
    dotUElements[ii].onmouseover = createHandler1( dotUElements[ii] );
    dotUElements[ii].onmouseout = createHandler2( dotUElements[ii] );

then adding handlers:

function createHandler1( myobj ) {
    return (function() {ff1(myobj);});

function createHandler2( myobj ) {
    return (function() {ff2(myobj);});

my functions ff1 for mouseover and ff2 for mouse out are:

function ff1 (myobj) {"red";
    var uChar = myobj.firstChild.nodeValue;
    var uNum =  uChar.charCodeAt(0);
    uName = unicodeTable(uNum);
    var uHex = (uNum).toSring(16);

function ff2 (myobj) {"black";

the problem is the last line

    var uHex = (uNum).toSring(16);

it creates error:

Error: TypeError: uNum.toSring is not a function

if i replace that line by simply


same error. Any hints on what's wrong? i have the code at

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it should be toString – harsha Mar 2 '13 at 22:33
darn. spent a hour on this. Something wrong with my template system it inserts Sring... thx @harsha – Xah Lee Mar 2 '13 at 22:43
or maybe , your template system doesn't recognize 't' ;) – harsha Mar 2 '13 at 22:44

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Here is a working demo for your example

I have added an alert(uHex); to show the value.

Let me know if it didn't work.

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