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I want to create an application that acts as a vnc client which is connected to multiple servers at once. First and foremost, how do I access the VNC protocol in (make a client/server, output the display etc)? Second, how can a single client connect to multiple servers?

Thanks for the help! I take it there are no VncServer or VncClient components in the .net framework?

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A .net vnc client library can be downloaded here. There are instructions in the documentation for creating c# and applications.

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That client library is GPL and can/may therefore not be used when linked with Microsoft runtime libraries. It is only useful with the mono platform. – Lars D Oct 5 '09 at 11:35
True, but the site indicates that other licenses are available. (See the licensing sub-heading on the page I linked to in the answer) – RobS Oct 5 '09 at 11:41

I don't know any component in the .net framework which can do this for you. My suggestions:

  • Implement one of the VNC protocols yourself in .net
  • Encapsulate a vnc client application.

Each time you start a client, it connects to a server, so in order to connect to 2 servers, start 2 clients.

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